Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it's sent away.


"I’ve never had fans in the younger generation before, so that’s really cool."

the 4th season of AHS is so fucking scary i swear to god i’ll pee my pants if i see that goddamn clown again

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— Suomalainen (via kahvinporoja)
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"I thought not being the villain would change things, but this book, these stories, only see me one way."

Albuquerque, NM 2014.

Albuquerque, NM 2014.

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Julian, at the head of the long table, rises to his feet and lifts his wineglass. “Live forever,” he says. And the rest of us rise too, and clink our glasses across the table, like an army regiment crossing sabres: Henry and Bunny, Charles and Francis, Camilla and I. “Live forever,” we chorus, throwing our glasses back in unison. And always, always, that same toast. Live forever.

i. ashes in the snow, mono // PROLOGUE // ii. ekki múkk, sigur rós
iii. 13 angels standing guard ‘round the side of your bed, silver mt zion // RICHARD // iv. another story, the head and the heart
v. your first light, my eventide, the echelon effect // CAMILLA // vi. heavy in your arms, florence + the machine
vii. eros, ludovico einaudi // CHARLES // viii. sex on fire, kings of leon vs. ludovico einaudi
ix. distilling roses, berliner philharmoniker // FRANCIS // x. love is a losing game, daley
xi. dusk to dawn, emancipator // BUNNY // xii. daniel in the den, bastille
xiii. boy 1904, jónsi & alex // HENRY // xiv. icarus, bastille
xv. reach for the dead, boards of canada // EPILOGUE // xvi. killed the lord, left for the new world, this will destroy you

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Formation flight Sunday. Lightnings


Formation flight Sunday. Lightnings

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fuck all this “be a role model” bullshit placed on celebrities. it’s not their job to raise your nasty ass kids.

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